I have put this build out because there was an issue that wouldn't let some players play the Story Mode.

New feature implemented:

  • Implemented a Delete Data Button in Options Menu to delete all local save files to fix the game when a save file gets corrupted. In order to show this button, the user has to press the D key on the keyboard 5 times

Several bug fixes including:

  • Fixed issue where playing a Quick Match with no Story Mode save file and triggering the Offside tutorial would crash the game and corrupt the save files
  • Fixed issue where going from Pass to Shoot and back to Pass while the random numbers are being shown and selecting the passer's square would crash the game since it would try to pass himself
  • Fixed issue where changing the language in the Options Menu wouldn't change the language in the Options Menu itself

Files 47 MB
Version 4 Jan 21, 2018 50 MB
Version 2 Jan 21, 2018 51 MB
Version 2 Jan 21, 2018

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Hi, so, is it for Linux ? I see the DL link, but description says Win and Mac only, so, not sure if it's properly supported on Linux.


Hi Tchey, 

Yes, there is a Linux version available to download. I will check the description and update it so it's clear.


Sorry, I forgot to mention. Thanks to melanchorerik  and Ximo for reporting those bugs!