Hi! I have uploaded a new build.

New features implemented:

  • Added two camera modes: Auto and Manual. Auto is how it used to work, while Manual is a new mode where the user has full control over the camera. Also, the camera is now controlled with the right mouse button (thanks to Tchey and Willsama for the feedback).
  • Added a button to zoom the camera out and be able to see the whole field (thanks to Tchey and Willsama for the feedback).
  • Added a button to recentre the camera on the ball's position to help find the ball.
  • New whole system for the PK shootouts where you just select the direction you want to shoot / dive to.
  • PS4 controller is now supported. You can also select between XBOX and PlayStation icons when using a controller.

Some other small stuff:

  • Minor fixes in some graphics.
  • Minor gameplay bug fixes.
  • Teams balanced on Arcade Mode.

Files 47 MB
Version 5 Feb 18, 2018 50 MB
Version 3 Feb 18, 2018 51 MB
Version 3 Feb 18, 2018

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Oh, and the itchio page, shiny green, make the posts painfull to read.


Thanks for the update ! The new camera is nice, even if :

- If zoomed out, and Manual, the camera still focus on action when there is tackle for example, and then it's stuck, unless i click twice on the Zoom button.

- The bottom buttons are big ((left view, center on ball, zoom, right view), would be nice to have them more sneaky, and move the End Turn button middle bottom instead

- Also, an option to remove the Confirm at end of turn

- I'd like a top down view. I'd prefer token instead of character, but even with these characters it's possible, like many "rogue like" games. Top down map, but side view for characters.

- I still hope i can build my own fully customized team in a near future, and play freely with it !